Find Single-Family Homes for Sale in Corona, CA

If you are in the market for single-family homes for sale around Corona, CA, you can’t go wrong with Greene Properties, “The Best Place to Find Your Home.” Our resident realtor, Marlene Greene, has been in the real estate industry for over 20 years and has gained invaluable knowledge and experience in that time, which helps her better serve her clients.

What We Do

At Greene Properties, we help our clients achieve their real estate goals and aim to exceed expectations. We want to be there to help you through the buying or selling process regarding single-family homes in Corona, CA. From exploring the Corona market through advising you with your first down payment, we will be with you to guide you and make sure you are treated fairly and honestly during the entire process.

When you hire Greene Properties, you get exclusive access to a skilled negotiator and professional photography. In addition to our regular real estate services, we also offer the following:

  • Cleaners
  • Gardeners
  • Movers
  • Packers

We also offer lender assistance and transparency and professionalism with all communication and updates.

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If you are ready to look for single-family homes for sale in Corona, CA, or to put your house on the market, call Greene Properties today. You can reach us at 714 390-6233.


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Marlene Greene

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